Gel UV 30ml building Clear Strong Blue G06-30

A line of professional basic gels that allows you to build a nail on tips as well as on a template.

You can easily blend in various decorations / elements or combine it with other gels or acrylics.

Medium dense, self-leveling – ensures high comfort of work.

For an even better shine, you can apply a shine gel to the other layers, e.g. shining gel or UV top coat.


  • disinfect your hands
  • remove the skins
  • matt and degrease the nail plate


  • put false nails
  • file the surface between the artificial and natural nail
  • once again matt and degrease the entire surface


  • prepare a properly cut template
  • stick exactly matching the lower part of the nail
  • apply a primer
  • apply a thin layer of single-phase gel to the nail, remembering not to cover the cuticles
  • put your finger into the lamp and cure
  • apply another layer of gel, forming a “C” shape in the central part of the nail and harden in the lamp
  • wash the nail with a cleaner
  • Using a file, obtain the desired nail shape
  • clean the nail with a cleaner