Tattoo templates HENNA GLITTER 6x6cm

Multipurpose tattoo template. They are ideal as an aid in making henna temporary tattoos, airbrushing, glitter tattoos, jagua gel or other body decoration techniques. Thanks to the use of a template, making a tattoo is quick and easy, just remove the template from the foil and stick it on the skin, paying attention to the accuracy of sticking.
Tattoo templates – single use only.

Perfect for use in beauty salons, tattooing points and for people who want to make a temporary tattoo on their own.

Thanks to the glue that the templates have, you can easily and pleasantly place the template on the skin. Their universal application and ease of use allow for short-term tattoos with various techniques, including when performing:

  • glitter tattoo
  • henna tattoo
  • tattoo with jagua gel
  • coloring gum
  • airbrush (body paint)
  • face painting
  • and other techniques.