Stylograph Pen for Nail Art - 5 tips

Stylograph- is a professional pen for nail art using acrylic and watercolor paints, as well as UV gels and hybrid varnishes. This perfect tool has been created for stylists who appreciate the ease and speed of creating Nail Art. Painting fine lines has never been so easy.

The stylograph will be perfect for the One Stroke technique, creating various shapes and ornaments. Thanks to it, you will create the thinnest, perfect, careful decorations such as: micro-painting, mehendi or contouring. The pen for ornaments is simply a guarantee of unique patterns that until now have been reserved exclusively for stylists. Forget about tedious brush work, reach for an innovative tool and shorten your working time even by half. The stylograph handle is decorated with shiny stones. The pen will surely become the decoration of any beauty salon.

How to use: Apply a thin acrylic or watercolor paint, a colored UV gel or a hybrid varnish on the stylograph to the middle of the nib. Make a pattern on the previously matted nail. Allow it to dry completely and apply a topcoat. In the case of using hybrid varnishes or UV gels, the pattern should be hardened in the lamp. After finishing work, wipe the nib and replace the cap to protect the nib. 5 nozzles included.

Overall length: 15 cm.

Tip length: 2.3 cm.

3 colors to choose from: