Spider Gel for decoration WHITE 8ml

Spider Gel Evershine
Decoration gel – white

Much larger capacity – 8ml!

More and more manicurists reach for this product because of its ease of use, but also for the wide range of styling that they are able to do with it!

You can make easier decorations with it, like intertwining lines or complicated and fancy geometric patterns!

It behaves like a cobweb – the rubbery and pulling consistency will undoubtedly make working with it pure pleasure!

Cured in a LED/UV lamp, it will last until you decide that it’s time for something new.

You can, for example, make interesting and colorful decorations in the French style or bet on something more crazy and play with colors, directions and line thicknesses!

This product is of really high quality, so you don’t have to worry that when applying it to the plate, it will spread or spread all over the nail, thus spoiling the decoration.

The only limit to using Spider Gel is your imagination!

Capacity: 8 g – packed in a luxury jar!