Siren SIRENA pollen Fairytale mermaid effect 1,5g

Siren Effect pollen 1.5g

The Mermaid Effect is a collection of 16 colors of beautifully shimmering pollen that will beautify your nails. It will look beautiful both on the entire nail plate and as an addition to decorations. Protected with a polisher, it stays on the nail plate for a long time and intact. It can be applied to your favorite hybrid varnish or embedded in a gel. Siren Effect pollen can be used on all shades of manicure. It is worth remembering that the effect of the pollen also depends on the selected color of the hybrid varnish! So there are plenty of combinations.

Directions for use:

1. Make a standard hybrid manicure using hybrid varnish and apply Top Coat on the nail, harden in a UV lamp

2. Gently rub the dust with the applicator on the unwashed layer of Top.

3. Remove excess pollen with a brush, broom or brush.

4. Re-apply Top Coat and cure in a UV lamp