The stamp has a very soft gel rubber, which allows you to reflect very detailed patterns.

It is completely colorless, so you will see exactly how the pattern is reflected on the eraser – it is a great help when decorating your nails.

You will receive a scratch card with the stamp!

The scratch card is made entirely of hard plastic (does not scratch the plaque), it will allow you to remove excess varnish from the plaque with patterns.
Rubber diameter: 2.8 cm

Stamp + plate with patterns – how to use?

1. Prepare the nail – paint with a base coat and wait until it dries.

2. Paint the pattern on the plate. (It’s best to use special varnishes or paints intended for stamps.)

3. Place the scratch off at the angle of 45 degrees to the plate and quickly remove the excess varnish.

4. Immediately apply the stamp to the plate to imprint the pattern.

5. With a gentle movement, transfer the pattern from the stamp to the nail.

6. After a while, when the pattern is dry, paint the nail with a colorless varnish. FINISHED!

The FRENCH technique – how to do it?

1. Prepare your nails as for any decoration.

2. Cover your nails with a topper. You can also cover them with a matte finish for an intriguing, glossy finish.

3. Apply stamp paint or regular hybrid varnish to the stamp cushion.

4. Dip the tip and / or sides of the nails into the stamp and … DONE!