Primer Vitamin Acid-free 15ml CH-05

Vitamin Primer - an acid-free preparation recommended for natural nails, used during gel, hybrid and acrylic care. Thanks to the introduced formula, supplements with vitamins A and E in oil sources, B vitamins (B7, B8) and calcium pantothenate were introduced.
Thanks to the fact that the vitamin contained in the ingredient allows it to work even on a very damaged nail plate, strengthening and nourishing it at the same time. Visible components reach the duct, do not cause irritation and proper functioning of the system.
Its properties make it impossible to prevent aeration and lifting of the product's application. The preparation is non-invasive. The primer is applied directly to the natural plate, so it contains a vitamin that does not cause an additional barrier, and the black color protects against UV radiation, the Pro Vita complex against UV radiation.