PIGMENT for smoky nails SMOKE EFFECT ombre pollen


Neon hits, or maybe more subdued colors? Check out our color palette and create your own unique manicure!

A great idea for a weekend party or going to the club. The colors can be freely mixed with each other, obtaining interesting and different results each time. The pollen can be mixed with white hybrid varnish to obtain the desired color. Perfect for a fashionable smoke effect, thanks to its strong pigmentation, ombre will become child’s play!

The method of obtaining a smoke effect with the use of hybrid varnishes:

We prepare the nails as for a hybrid manicure
Paint the nail plate with Base and harden it in a UV lamp
apply the selected hybrid color to the hardened base and harden it in a UV lamp, repeat the action (the smoke effect is most beautiful on black varnish)
Apply Top No Wipe to the hardened color and cure it in a UV lamp
with the help of white hybrid varnish or white art gel, we paint delicate patterns on the nail plate – WE DO NOT HARDEN IN THE LAMP
Using a Cleaner and a gel brush, we smear our white patterns, and cure the whole thing in a UV lamp
In the hardened white color, we pat the pigment at our discretion, creating original patterns
remove excess neon pollen with a delicate brush
The whole is covered with a top coat and hardened in a UV lamp