Cuticle and Nail Oil KIWI 11.5ml

Nail oils are a great solution for people who dream of healthy, strong and shiny nails. They will help to ensure optimal hand care by regenerating the damaged plate.

The power of natural ingredients contained in the oil is primarily a number of nutrients: proteins, mineral salts, vitamins A, E, D and B vitamins, which make the olive moisturizing and well absorbed. Peach oil strengthens and hardens the nail plate, preventing it from splitting and breaking. Olives nurture and regenerate nails, they also give a unique aroma experience. Even a small amount will reward your senses with its delicate aroma.

The packaging with a brush guarantees an easy, comfortable and pleasant application. Intended for everyday use.

HOW TO USE: apply the olive to each nail, then massage it into the nail plate and cuticles. Use every evening and after a manicure or pedicure.