Moonlight Lumino pollen glowing in the dark 1.5g

Decorative pollen
Moonlight Fluorescent Powder that glows in the dark

Innovative effect – pollen that glows in the dark! Add an unprecedented look to your styling! The powder can be applied to any color of hybrid varnish, however, when applied to a color similar to the one Lumino glows in the dark, it will additionally conquer, strengthen and emphasize its beauty. You can also use the effect as a complement to the ombre styling, which will look phenomenal in daylight and at night. You can use the powder for styling with the use of hybrid varnishes, acrylics or gels, and you can also sprinkle a classic nail polish and wait for the whole thing to dry! How to apply the MOONLIGHT effect on gel / hybrid: 1. Paint your nails with a color base. 2. Paint your nails with your favorite color and cure (repeat the action for a better effect). 3. Rub the powder firmly into the dispersion (sticky) layer of the varnish with a brush or sprinkle the uncured varnish – two possibilities – different color intensity! 4. Remove excess pollen with a soft brush or brush. 5. Top coat and cure. Color to choose from (if not selected – will be sent randomly):