Magnetic eyeliner glue

Magnetic eyeliner glue-magnet for eyelashes
KLB-6M 6ml

Magnetic eyeliner will allow you to attach artificial eyelashes precisely and quickly! All you need to do is apply your favorite line with it, just like with any other eyeliner, apply a dedicated model of magnetic eyelashes from the set, and they literally “stick” to themselves with a click! Secret solution, invisible connection, natural look of full lashes! No special skills are needed! The magnet contained in the eyeliner formula and on the eyelashes is very strong, it will survive even a strong blow of a hair dryer!

Directions for use:

Shake the eyeliner well before use
Use eyeliner to paint a line on the upper eyelid.
Wait about 30 seconds for the eyeliner on the eyelid to be slightly dry
Bring the eyelashes to the line – the eyelashes will automatically attract to the eyeliner!
Ready! Lashes look natural and sexy.

You can easily make corrections, without staining the eyelashes with successive layers of glue. The makeup will last all day, removing the eyelashes does not require any preparation, just use the applicator and remove the eyelashes by lightly grasping them. Natural eyelashes do not get damaged, they do not break out, as is the case with regular glue application. They are reusable, without the need to wash after each use.