LOVEME Gel Brush Gel Color Varnish 8ml

Color gel in a brush – Gel Brush 8ml

Easy to use like a regular varnish – hard and durable like a UV gel. High-quality product. The precise brush allows the hybrid to be evenly applied to the nail plate. Sensational covers the entire surface.

The single-phase gel in the brush on the nails creates a flexible, and at the same time hard and smooth surface.

Gel Brush is a revolutionary collection of colored gels in a brush. They are ultra-pigmented and rare, thanks to which the application on the built nail is quick and pleasant.

  • amazing durability.
  • intense pigmentation.

Directions for use: Shake the packaging several times before use. After applying and hardening the primer, spread 1-2 thin layers of the product and harden with a lamp.

The product is removed by filing.