Liquid Monomer Fast for Acrylic Powder 110ml

Liquid do akrylu Fast CH-78

Safe for nails, does not damage the plates. Prevents yellowing. It guarantees constant hardening and very good adhesion of the acrylic mass to the nails. Liquid in the nail with powder, which is perfect for extending nails on a template and tips.

-characterized by a very high interest in relation to acrylic.

-you can use it to model with acrylic mass for a few minutes, eg Smile Center, or beautiful acrylic flowers, please.

– it is devoid of MMA (methyl methacrylate) device, which is classified on the top “shelf” of liquid monomers.

– does not crystallize the powder.

-Color: light purple

How to use: Using a brush, combine the liquid with the acrylic powder. Apply the obtained mass on the nails. Let it dry.