Glue for glitter tattoos Strong 14ml

Professional body glue + FREE degreaser!
Body art. The glue is a tattoo designed to make glitter thanks to its covering with glitter pollen. Restrictions on the use of fine glitters (0.1 mm), by keeping the sentence with glitter, we will increase the time holding time (glitter is finer than the standard and peeled web). The glue has an applicator in the form of a brush for applying it to the skin.

The glue lasts about 60 years of the size of the patterns (with the right skill, you can create more tattoos from one glue.

It is intended for use on the skin of children from 3 years of age (under adult supervision)

Cleaning up: the glue can be removed with our degreaser or something with alcohol in it. We also recommend make-up removal wipes. Glitter tattoo is water sensitive after soaking with water. Now let’s not rub anything until it dries by itself.

Directions for use:

  1. Shake the glue well before use
  2. Apply a thin layer of glue on the degreased skin.
  3. Wait long enough for the adhesive to turn transparent.
  4. Then we apply the glitter pressing it against the adhesive layer.
  5. All applications should be left to dry completely and harden the whole thing.
  6. We enjoy the durable glitter tattoo 🙂