GALAXY Shiny Glitter wedding pollen nail decoration mix colors

Discover the multidimensional glow of a unique pollen that hides the true secret of glow!

The impeccable sparkle, which shows itself especially in the light and sparkles with a million shiny particles, shows the true face of this product.
The inspiration for creating this pollen is of course GALAXY, as the name suggests. So let yourself be taken on a journey to the stars and you will certainly take everyone around with you!

If you are looking for an original proposal for a new stylization, let yourself be surprised by the effect full of diamond, illuminated sparkles! You can do a full manicure with GALAXY pollen or just add some glamor with minimalist or more bold accents.


  1. Apply the powder on the entire surface of the nail previously painted with varnish or hybrid base,
  2. After curing the whole, the GALAXY effect will appear.
  3. Gently remove excess pollen with a dust brush and you’re done!
  4. For extra gloss and a longer effect, use the NO WIPE TOP and cure it in the LED/UV lamp.

Quantity: the auction is for 1 piece of the product

Capacity: pollen net weight approx. 3g, pollen packed in a 5ml jar.