Transfer foil 12cm x 4cm for decorations

Transfer foil 12 x 4 cm FOL-SA-

The foil is used in the decoration of nails.

It is perfect for blending into gel and acrylic, as well as for decorating nails with the use of varnish / hardener or hybrid varnishes.

Ways to use foil:

When using traditional varnish:

– put the foil on the dried varnish

– wait a moment, press

– gently tear off the foil

When using foil glue:

– apply glue on the dried varnish

– we wait until it becomes completely transparent

– we put the foil on, press it down and gently tear it off

When using hybrid varnish, gel or acrylic:

– we cure gels (hybrids) traditionally

– after the second layer has hardened, put the foil on the dispersion layer

(or for under-dried acrylic)

– press firmly and gently tear off the foil

– the whole is covered with a hardener