EverShine Rubber Base coat clear UV/LED Gel Polish 15ml


✔️ Capacity: 15 ml

✔️ Quantity: 1 pc

This is a transparent base from the latest hybrid collection from EVERSHINE. Perfect for hybrid varnishes, gels and acrylics.

  • A base with a medium-thick consistency
  • It will provide hardening, superstructure and extension
  • It protects against mechanical damage and supports and extends the durability of varnishes
  • It has self-leveling properties

RUBBER BASE allows you to build up and harden the nail plate to prevent any injuries or fractures of the nails. With its help, we can even slightly extend their length (2-3mm).

Safe for natural nail plate, reliable and effective. It will take care of nail reconstruction and maintain perfect styling!

This base is the definition of quality, durability and ease of application.


  • Work out the cuticles and shape of your nails.
  • Clean the plate with a cotton swab soaked in Cleaner.
  • Apply the Primer and wait until it evaporates.
  • Apply 1 layer of the product as a base for hybrid varnish.
  • We apply any hybrid varnish onto the hardened product.
  • We finish the manicure by securing the nail polish with TOP.


  • If you want to extend your nails: place the template;
  • After hardening a thin layer of the base, build your nails according to the correct structure of the given shape;
  • Harden;
  • Process with a file/polisher;
  • Proceed to further styling steps – APPLICATION –