EverShine Milky Base Gummy Color UV/LED Gel Polish 15ml

E v e r S h i n e

Colorful Hybrid Base

A product from the new EverShine brand line.

MilkyBASE is a base and color with delicate particles in one!
An ideal solution for those who are looking for an elegant, delicate and at the same time unique styling for their nails.
This base is the definition of quality, ease of application, comfort of wearing, durability and beauty.

Thanks to its extremely refined, medium-thick consistency, the base does not spill onto the cuticles, and its application and the process of shaping the nail shape are easy and pleasant. allows you to create a perfect C curve and repair even the most damaged nails. Thanks to it, they look healthy and natural, are strengthened and therefore more resistant to damage.

✔️ Capacity: 15 ml

✔️ Quantity: 1 pc

✔️ Effect: covering

✔️ Color: TO CHOOSE


  • Self-leveling
  • Beautiful decorative particles
  • Perfect for complementing styling
  • It works great as a base for semi-transparent colors
  • Possibility of extending the natural plate up to 5mm
  • Easily soluble in acetone and remover
  • We cure the product in an LED/UV lamp
  • Hand-painted patterns placed on the cap allow us to see how a given varnish will look on the nail.


  • Work out the cuticles and shape of your nails.
  • Clean the plate with a cotton swab soaked in Cleaner.
  • Apply the Primer and wait until it evaporates.
  • Apply 1 layer of medium thickness of the product as a base for hybrid varnish.
  • To extend nails, apply 2 medium-thick layers on the template.
  • We apply any hybrid varnish onto the hardened product.
  • We finish the manicure by securing the nail polish with TOP.


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