EverShine Holo Top Coat No Wipe UV/LED Gel Polish 15ml

E v e r S h i n e


Product from a new line.
HoloTOP is a high-quality product. Its purpose is to create an eye-catching and expressive accent that will make the last step of hybrid styling a real icing on the cake.

This is an amazing effect of combining TOP without washing and beautifully shimmering particles that will decorate any manicure and at the same time provide shine and long-lasting protection until the next styling change!

✔️ Capacity: 15 ml

✔️ Quantity: 1 pc

✔️ Effect: shiny particles

✔️ Color: to choose from


Our offer includes two color versions of HOLO TOP:

1. It is a combination of particles of various sizes in silver, gold and white. The most classic combination for people who value an elegant look with a bit of shine.

2. It is a combination of multi-colored, holographic particles that shimmer in several shades depending on the incidence of light. This is a perfect style for those who love real shine.


  • does not crack or chip
  • lasting protection for up to 3 weeks
  • gives a beautiful shine
  • it has small but distinctive particles
  • We cure the product in an LED/UV lamp
  • Hand-painted patterns placed on the cap allow us to see how a given varnish will look on the nail.


The product is applied in the last stage of hybrid styling. Apply directly to the base or traditionally over your favorite nail polish color. Cure in the lamp and it’s ready! It does not have a dispersion layer, so it does not require additional use of a cleaner after removing it from the lamp.