EverShine Flashing Gel UV/LED Gel Polish 15ml


* F L A S H I N G *

The auction is for 1 piece of the selected color

Capacity: 15 ml

This is a varnish created for special occasions and at the same time a reason to make them happen as often as possible!

FLASHING nail polishes are like an illusionist’s magic trick…

After opening the bottle, the colors seem basic and the shine is subdued… but the secret is that they open their wings with just a bit of light, which ignites a new, sparkling face in them!

The version without FLASH is a slightly smoky version of the color enriched with delicate stardust.
The FLASH version reveals millions of sparkling silver particles bathed in these beautiful colors.

Because the effect depends on the light and its intensity!

What more could you want?

Perfect density, pigmentation and consistency. All this enclosed in beautiful bottles with patterns. An additional guarantee of great quality is a properly selected brush, which ensures efficient and pleasant application of the varnish.

As many as 10 beautiful and carefully selected colors!


  • trouble-free application
  • intense shine
  • luxurious formula with a medium-thick consistency
  • an extraordinary combination of particles
  • safe for nails and hands
  • the most popular and liked colors
  • durability up to 3 weeks
  • real pattern on the cap and designer packing
  • and as much as 15 ml of pleasure


FLASHING is a truly unique collection that will make you dance with the stars! These varnishes have, above all, a truly unique formula that harmonizes with the light, and more specifically with its intensity.

This is definitely a completely different and phenomenal dimension of glow!

It is also great for making delicate decorations or adding variety to your everyday manicure.