EverShine Crack Base UV/LED Gel Polish 15ml

Hybrid base

Crack GEL is a new product from EverShine that will definitely catch your eye. Cracking hybrid nail polishes are a simple way to create a great manicure, perfect for everyone and for any occasion!

Fantastic patterns will create themselves – try them!

Our bases are typically dedicated to cracking hybrid varnishes. The base itself will not provide the effect presented in the photo below.


This is one of the newest lines of EverShine products, enjoying an impeccable reputation and, above all, a great trend and way of styling hybrid nails.
A very well-covering base with an innovative formula – after applying a colored nail polish, preferably also from our Crack GEL collection, the cracks become clearly visible and become visible even before the styling hardens. This product has a unique formula, so Crackle varnish cracks beautifully after application and creates clear lines.

Crack GEL will allow you to achieve the desired finish in the blink of an eye. You don’t need to have great skills, so this product is dedicated to every lover of fashionable and interesting-looking hybrid nails.

Hand-painted patterns placed on the cap allow us to see how a given varnish will look on the nail.

The appropriate consistency of the varnishes and a well-made brush allow for quick and easy application of the varnish without flooding the cuticles.
The high pigmentation of the varnishes means that the second layer fully covers the nail plate.
We cure the product in an LED/UV lamp.