CONFETTI Mixed Glitter pollen flakes nail decorations mix colors

This powder is the perfect way to get beautifully opalescent nails filled with a flickering glow and glow. The combination of CONFETTI is like a shot of elegance and brilliance in one. The variety of sizes of the shimmering elements guarantees amazing effects and an unforgettable impression.

If you are looking for an original proposal for a new styling, give this pollen a chance. With CONFETTI you can make a full or partial manicure using minimalist or more bold accents.


  1. Apply the powder on the entire surface of the nail previously painted with varnish or hybrid base,
  2. After curing the whole, the CONFETTI effect will appear.
  3. Gently remove excess pollen with a dust brush and you’re done!
  4. For extra gloss and a longer effect, use the NO WIPE TOP and cure it in the LED/UV lamp.

By using CONFETTI on light shades, you will get a subtle and delicate effect. However, if you want the effect to be stronger and more expressive, use darker colors. Both variants will surely impress you and others.

Quantity: the auction is for 1 piece of the product

Capacity: pollen net weight approx. 3g, pollen packed in a 5ml jar.