Acrylgel Flexygel Polygel Powder Gel GLITTER 30ml

PolyGel/Evershine Acrylgel

“GLITTER” collection

Capacity: 30g

A sensational product with a thick consistency that provides us with express modeling and styling of nails. They have made to build where they come from and to obtain natural material.

It is worth knowing that with the double form aid template – that is, the aids of the usability form – you save your working time in a convenient way and, above all, you have an effective nail construction. A beautiful and thoughtful color palette. Fast curing process, reliable service and the use of its greatest asset.

This form of styling is perfect for beginners as well as those additional or established nail stylists.

Advantages of acrylic gel:

✔️ the power of acrylic combined with the features of gel

✔️ convenient and fast construction and development process

✔️ does not flood the cuticles

✔️ no air

✔️ single-phase

✔️ no emotions

✔️ does not bake in the lamp

Complementary products for acrylic gel:
✔️Poly Liquid – liquid for soaking the brush and forming the product.
✔️ Dual form – reusable forms for quick nail styling.
✔️ Silicone brush – for easy gel application.
Develop skins
Give the desired shape to the nail plate
Matt the nail plate and then degrease it
We recommend applying PRIMERA before styling with acrylic gel, it will ensure the best adhesion of the acrylic gel even with problematic nail plate
Press a small amount of POWDER GEL into a special, reusable DUAL FORM and spread the acrylic gel with a silicone brush dipped in liquid so that the sides are not too thick and a tunnel is made in the middle
Put the form on the nail and press it gently before inserting it into the UV / LED lamp
Cure in a UV/LED lamp 60s, UV 120s
Remove DUAL FORM from the nail
Give the nail plate the desired shape and use the block to dull the plate
Apply a glossy top or make styling with selected hybrid varnishes.
At this auction you can buy PolyGels from the GLITTER line. –> Don’t forget to check the other color variants: CLASSIC, PASTEL or NEON!